Some years ago my good friend Mike Neale penned a worship song titled “No Greater Audience”. If you aren’t familiar with it I suggest you ‘Google’ the title or “Michael Neale” and listen to the words. I cried the first hundred times I heard it – down to a lump in my throat now, and sometimes I do still tear up. The essence of the song has to do with praising God and the chorus speaks of having “no higher honor than to sing a song of praise to my King”
In a recent reading of a chapter in Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis I was again reminded of the honor we have in serving the Lord. God has work that he wants done, and while he could certainly magically cause all that work to just “happen”, I believe He wants, even prefers for his children to “be his hands and feet”.
And what an honor it is to be used by God. Of all my experiences as a follower of the Lord, my greatest thrills and my most heartfelt moments have been in service to God. I taught a men’s 35 week discipleship class for eight years and I recall seeing men change their attitudes and their priorities. I had wives call me asking, “What have you done to my husband? – he isn’t the same man.” I would respond that it was the Lord’s doing – not mine, but inside I would feel this warm glow, knowing God had used Michael Warnock to do his holy work – there is no aphrodisiac like it.
I too could observe the changes in the men as they became less prideful and judgmental, more forgiving, tolerant, and loving.
Are you being used by God? It can start out small – serve a couple of hours in a soup kitchen or be a greeter in your church on Sunday mornings. Don’t you just love it when someone grabs your hand and welcomes you – or perhaps gives you a big hug? Well, I can promise you the person greeting you is just as delighted and they experience an inner joy that comes only from the Lord. He surely rewards those who serve him.
Be Blessed