True Faith

True faith is never an accident; it is intentional, willful, deliberate and uncompromising. It requires that we meet certain conditions, that we allow the teachings of Christ to dominate our total lives from the moment we believe. We must be willing to be different than others. The effort to enjoy the benefits of redemption while enmeshed in the world is futile. We must choose one or the other, and faith quickly makes its choice, one from which there is no retreat.

The change experienced by a truly converted man or woman is equal to that of a person moving to another country. The regenerated soul feels no more at home in the world than Abraham felt when he left Ur of the Chaldees and set out for the land of promise. Apart from his own small company he was a stranger to everyone around him. He was called ‘Abraham the Hebrew,’ and if he spoke the language of the people among whom he took up his dwelling place, he spoke it with an accent.
This journey from Ur to Bethel is taken by every soul that sets out to follow Christ. It is, however, not a journey for the feet but for the heart. The newborn Christian is a migrant; he has come into the kingdom of God from his old home in the kingdom of man and he must get set for the violent changes that will inevitably follow.

One of the first changes will be a shift of interest from earth to heaven, from men to God, from time to eternity, from earthly gain to Christ and His eternal kingdom. Suddenly, or slowly but surely, he will develop a new pattern of life. Old things pass away and behold, all things will become new, first inwardly and then outwardly; for the change within him will soon begin to express itself by corresponding changes in his manner of living.

The transformation will show itself in many ways; in what the new Christian allows to fill his mind, in where and how he spends his time and money. Old friends will scoff and ridicule him. Old haunts and practices now offend him.
We must all look in the mirror and ask that person looking back if we are indeed at odds with the world, are we like a fish out of water? Do we relate to this world with a pronounce accent that is discernable, obvious to all whom we encounter?

It is my prayer that your faith stands out like a giant among midgets. Blessings